ifm2dev: convert IFM maps to various other formatsΒΆ

New in version 5.0.

ifm2dev is a front end to fig2dev, which converts diagrams in Xfig format to various other formats. ifm2dev converts each map section and writes them to separate files. The command format is:

ifm2dev [-o template] [fig2dev-options] [-- ifm-options] file

The -o option sets the file template for the output files. It must contain an integer format indicator (e.g., %d); this is replaced with the map section number in filenames. If not set, it defaults to prefix-%02d.suffix, where prefix is the file prefix of the input file (with .ifm removed), and suffix is the suffix appropriate for the type of output.

All fig2dev output options are passed through without change. You can use the -L option of fig2dev to set the output format. See the fig2dev manpage for details.

You can supply options to IFM by first giving the end-of-options indicator (--) and then the options.